• Ferry Building Opening in 1898, the Ferry Building became the transportation focal point. From the Gold Rush until the 1930s, arrival... more

  • Path of Gold Lamps Ferry Building to Castro Street Known as the Path of Gold lamps due to their golden hue which emanates from yello... more

  • F-Line 2nd Street to Castro Street On Labor Day, 1995, the F-line opened on Market Street with a big parade of streetcars led by May... more

  • Robert Frost Plaza Market, California and Drumm Streets Robert Frost was born in San Francisco on March 26, 1874. He lived in seven ... more

  • Mechanics Monument Market, Bush and Battery Streets Artist Douglas Tilden was inspired to create this monument as he watched a man o... more

  • Shoreline of San Francisco Plaque NE Corner of Market and Battery Streets This brass plaque marks the early San Francisco shoreline.... more

  • Liberty Bell Slot Machine Monument NW Corner of Market and Battery Streets Charles August Fey began inventing and manufacturing slot... more

  • Gardens at 555 Market 555 Market Street An urban oasis situated between 555 and 575 Market Street. An unusual scene tucked between t... more

  • Admission Day Monument Market, Post and Montgomery Once again Douglas Tidlen’s hand is seen on Market Street. Commissioned by Mayor ... more

  • Palace Hotel 645 Market Street Step back into time and behold the intricate beauty and craftsmanship in the Garden Court dinning roo... more

  • Monadanock Mural and Courtyard 685 Market Street Historical figures grace the lobby of this 1907 Market Street building. The theme o... more

  • Keys on Stevenson Street - between 3rd and 4th Streets Walk down this hidden alleyway to the Four Seasons Hotel. Along the way pause ... more

  • Lotta's Fountain Market, Kearny & Geary Streets View another great work of artist Douglas Tilden. The fountain was donated to the Ci... more

  • Monument and Plaza dedicated to Andrew S. Hallidie Cable cars have to be San Francisco’s ultimate icon. But did you ever wonder who i... more

  • Samuel’s Clock 870 Market Purchased by Albert Samuels in 1915 the Samuel’s clock was originally in front of Samuels Jewelry Store at... more

  • Warfield Building 982-998 Market Street Built in 1921 as a theater and office building. It was originally known as Loew's Warfield, ... more

  • Angel on Market Street There’s an angel watching over Market Street. Can you find it?... more

  • Mohandas K. Gandhi October 2, 1869 - January 30, 1948 This statue graces the plaza behind the Ferry Building at the foot of Market S... more

  • January 29: Alliance for Better District 6 more

    November 23: Snowflake Event more


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